military(primarily army)post in kentucky, near radcliffe. has D.O.D. (department of defense) schools such as Kingsolver, Mudd, Scott, Walker, Fort Knox High School, and Macdonald. Fort Knox is well known for being the armor center, as well as home of the Gold Vault. Fort Knox is the most kick-ass place in the world...except that your friends are always moving (because u never stay 1 place 4 long wen ur in the army). When u live there, u hate it...but u realize how great it was once u move...which pretty much fucking sucks.
>you used 2 live on fort knox? i heard that place kicks ass!!
<it does.

by iTs uR cOnCiEnCe!! January 01, 2006
Top Definition
With reference to the military post in Kentucky: tightly secure; impossible to infiltrate.
Her pants are harder to get into than Fort Knox.
by ayymayy April 02, 2011
A person that refuses to have sex.

They are locked down like the actual fort.

No one is breaking in to that gold mine.
She's fort knox.
by Wonder_Woman30 March 06, 2010
To keep something quiet, or a secret. something of importance.
"yo dude keep this shit in fort knox, but i've been cheating on this girl"
by spier May 27, 2012
A trunk of any particular vehicle that produces so much bass, that it is understood to be known as "Fort Knox."
Homie 1: Dog, you hear that shit that just drove by?!?

Homie 2: Damn nigga! They must got Fort Knox in they trunk!!
by jakebob999 September 26, 2010
Term for used to describe safe sex.

To be protected like Fort Knox.
" I hooked up with Mike last night. He's been around, so of course it was Fort Knox."
by savion October 23, 2009
English phrase based on Fort Knox in Baltimore USA. Used mainly in the north. Used when shot down by an attractive woman to regain male pride or when succsesful with a notoriously difficult bird. {safecracker}
Man shes harder to crack than Fort Knox!

You'ld have an easier time breaking in to Fort Knox.

Her pussys like Fort Knox.

Ive just found the keys to Fort Knox.
by House March 03, 2005

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