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banging, sucking, or eating outside of wedlock.
Trina gives headto Leeroy at the movies.
by Crystal January 30, 2004
118 142
consensual sexual intercourse between two persons not married to each other
by holly August 26, 2003
556 126
Fancy way of saying fucking. Before marriage.
A: "Excuse me, but but would you like to have fornication?"
B: "Um. Do you just wanna fuck?"
A: "Um. Yeah."
by K i A February 12, 2005
440 130
Fucking in Shakespearian times.
Aye, Sally often took part in fornication with thee noblemen.
They lifted up her gowns and continued their way to enter what they saw. Sally picked one of the men to an act of utter pleasure, and when they so were done, they lighted up some exquisit tobacco and went on their ways.

And t'was good.
by MephistophelesIsDying March 15, 2007
307 140
Someone who eats corn with a fork. Obviously, corn can be eaten with a spoon or a fork, but a fornicator is known for eating corn with a fork.
Paul: "Hey, John is Jim fornicating?"
John: "That is some good fornication"
by Raf City April 16, 2010
94 123
a cochroach ,
serious, search fornication in google images
`` hello im a bug ``
by sofia March 14, 2004
49 173