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Using your two thumbs, either in the vagina or anus to lift the person being forklifted off the ground.
Boy 1: I was with this girl last week and I managed to lift her off the ground by putting my thumbs inside her
Boy 2: You forklifted her?
Boy 1: Forklifting is a thing?
by nathansig January 26, 2015
Forklifting is used to describe the pursuit of a fat chick by a desperate male. If one succeeds in bagging a tundra pig, he has been successful in forklifting. Forklifting is looked down upon so most men will try to hide their forklifting efforts.
Shane forklifted his prom date after a few mike's at the bonfire.

I found out my friend Justin has been out forklifting downtown, and he said he was at home playing halo.
by Brian Riesgaf November 08, 2005
The act of going out and picking up overweight members of the opposite sex.
DaveyD? He practically invented forklifting!
by trahma October 28, 2005
when you fist a girl so hard you pick her up off the ground
I was forklifting last night and my fist went into her stomach.
by hormiga March 08, 2005
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