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This is when you approach a standing, unsuspecting girl from behind and penetrate her anally, lifting her off the ground.
Craig saw her across the room and immediately charged in for a forklift.
by 300 Club January 12, 2004
Start in a squatting position with a girl on your cock. Lift her vertically, then run around the room and slowly lower her onto something, preferably near a bunch of boxes. Pull out, and make beeping noises as you do so.
Dude love injured ta jen in a horrendous forklift accident - he dropped her onto the boxes rather than beside them.
by Brenthoven July 23, 2009
Where a girls head is on your lap and you lift it up with a boner while she is sleeping.
by Jackie August 10, 2003
1.the man tucks his penis behind his legs and steers himself in reverse into the womans mouth for oral sex from the rear. *reverse truck sounds can be made for heavier set males*
**caution: failure to hit target perfectly could result is serious injury**

2. Step 2 in the process of the foghorn.

See foghorn.
I forklifted that chick and she didn't even see it comming.

I tried to forklift that chick, but she wouldn't budge.

I fell down while attempting a forklift and was in the hospital for 3 weeks.
by Bananacognac April 26, 2007
when you shove one hand into a girls vagina and then the other hand in her ass hole and then lifts her up
"i totally gave her a forklift this weekend...she wont be walking for a while."
"yeah i saw her in a wheelchair today."
by Michael *ocharla March 26, 2008
A threatening move in which a person (most commonly a male) will attack another male by spreading his butt cheeks apart visciously. Side effects may include anal discharge and bleeding.
Stop pretending to throw that ball at me or else i'll forklift you.
by jsizzle215 April 04, 2009
When a guy is mastibating two gurls at the same time.

Girl A & Girl B loved going down on there Guy
The guy's roommates mind was blown when he looked down from the balcony and saw
The two gurls Ooral his roommate
While his roommate was "Forklift" ing the gurls ♡
An aerial view of two Gurls giving Ooral while he "Forklift's" both of them looks like a ♡ heart shape
by MB_Dude July 13, 2013
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