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Politicianspeak for "I don't want to take a stand on this issue until some other (more stupid) politician does so, takes the flack for it, and gives me some idea how the majority actually feels about it." A common stance of politicians who live in the Washington Echo Chamber where the noise of their own speeches deafens their ability to hear their constituents and doublespeak rules the day. A common symptom of political cowardice and waffling.
"I'm forgainst it!", said John Kerry.
by Former Wyeth Again June 26, 2013
Being in favor of being opposed to something.
MrC: What do you think of skinny jeans?
MrD: What?!? I'm totally forgainst them.
by TheTimD January 19, 2011
Coined by democratic presidential candidate John Kerry during his 2004 campaign.
I have one stance against the war in Iraq. I'm forgainst it.
by Critz_MLF October 02, 2004

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