Top Definition
To aggressively fuck someone - consensually or otherwise
I'm in a dom-sub relationship - my husband can force fuck me anytime, anyplace, no warning.
by su france April 07, 2010
To use the force to penetrate a female in a very hard way
Christy is a slut, so i force fucked her til she cried from the pain of her pussy breaking and guts being beat in
by Sean O'Brien October 14, 2006
1 - When a Jedi has hard, fast sex with someone and uses the Force to augment their sexual pleasure.

2 - When a Jedi does better than you at anything, especially video games.

3 - When the drunk chick at a party is all over you, and your boys are just like "do it bro, no regrets," so you take her back to your room and you Forcefuck that girl. I mean, you really wreck that chick.
Ex-1 - I seriously need to be Forcefucked this week, I've been soo horny lately.

Ex-2 - Damn homie you just got Forcefucked suckaaaa.
by jediman April 06, 2007
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