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a tight-ass slang term for "for real?" without the gay use of proper grammar.
This kid: You want some of this sammich?

That kid: forrealz?
by Michael April 12, 2004
An exclaimation asking the question "Really?!"
"Yo I got a new car!"
"For Realz?"
by Manny D December 02, 2006
A light hearted way of verifying your sincerity.
Pinky promise for realz.
by RocketShip January 08, 2013
A term of complete agreement on something undeniably true. Synonyms: most definitely; for sure; 'like you needed to ask,' etc. Often used by white kids who think they are really cool but are really quite ordinary.
"Dude, that teacher is, like, a complete jerk."
"Oh, forrealz."
by spinningtabletop February 06, 2009