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A foomp is when something magical happens along the lines of something growing instantly or blowing up instantly but in a pleasant way. More along the lines of something good just happened.
a gun goes bang.
fireworks go bang.
cars crashing go bang.
an instant growing mushroom tree goes foomp.
a penis goes foomp.
a scoreboard goes foomp.
by brojuana February 21, 2012
The sound effect your girlfriend makes when she hits you in a playful way.
Babe look, *Foomp*
Shuddup Babe, *Foomp*
by Bearfox21 October 21, 2013
The physical action involved with smoking a cigarette.

A replacement for the word, Fuck.

- Can be used interchangeably and within the same sentence multiple times.
Foompin-A, man. I've been waiting to foomp a feempin' feemp all day.
by hydrobrew March 23, 2011
The sound a very fat person makes when their roll of fat moves away from and the suddenly hits the "normal" part of the body. This usually occurs when engulfing food/small objects (or children in the case of pedos).
Fat Man: Hello little boy, OMG look over there!
Little Boy: What?!

A few moments later...

Concerned Mother: Have you seen my son?
Fat Man: Nope... *struggling sounds coming from his stomach*
by Bob Cooke (Teacher at NPHS) August 20, 2009
The sound your weiner makes when you get an erection.
You see that hot mamma? Foomp
by Andy Field October 18, 2006
an overly grown, undertrimmed pubic hair area. when the hair grows to a point you could braid.
ex: when taking off of the underwear it makes a noise....."FOOMP"
by sabrina varvatos December 25, 2005
the damn feathers that rise up on fuckin cockatiels. stupid ass birds
the stupid birds foomp went crazy after i farted
by DOOX64 March 21, 2010

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