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A strong passion, desire or faith in a cause, object or person.
He is carefree and has a zeal for life.
by Zeal Vurte March 07, 2007
83 4
A person with a kind heart but a strong temper at the same time. Has a big caring heart and soul. Has a awesome personality. Like to party, and can be a crazy one. People like to use her a lot, but will know her true friends in the end. Also good with relationships, but doesn't get into a lot of them. However, on the outside, is very shy and kind, but after getting to know her she'll show her real colors and meaning. And, although she might be crazy, hard headed, shy, stupid, and have a bad temper; she'll always have a soft and strong heart.
Zeal looks lame
Yeah kinda does
Sounds like zebra meat
by Bob212coo December 25, 2013
1 0
Baby zebra meat.
The safari was fun. Have you ever had zeal? It's like veal, but has a kick.
by joopykunk March 22, 2011
12 13
To have a fanatical cause towards something.
The pure zeal contained in the soldier eventually drove him insane.
by Jake Six September 03, 2008
13 20
i hav no zeal u fucking teacher...yes i say that often
by Zer0 Racer January 26, 2003
28 43
A demonym for a person from New Zealand.
"...An influenital Zeal from Auckland..."
"...Many Zeals are expressing concern..."
by Prometheus Bob May 12, 2008
5 24
An annoying pest who loves forums.
Uh-oh, there's Zeal.
by Zeal September 08, 2003
15 57