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A foomp is when something magical happens along the lines of something growing instantly or blowing up instantly but in a pleasant way. More along the lines of something good just happened.
a gun goes bang.
fireworks go bang.
cars crashing go bang.
an instant growing mushroom tree goes foomp.
a penis goes foomp.
a scoreboard goes foomp.
by brojuana February 21, 2012
The hozone is the place where the hoes resign while the bro's are not around. The hozone is usually a kitchen and sometimes the bedroom. Multiple woman my fit into the hozone and knit or make sangwhiches and other sorts of crafts. The hozone is also the opposite of the brozone.
kevin- hey ben can u get me a soda?

Ben- bro the last one is in the hozone...

kevin- damn, ill call maddie to get it and send it down here cause she is in the hozone right?
by brojuana February 20, 2012
The zone in which bros can chill and do bro like stuff. Usually a secluded place in which people out of the zone and personal of the opposite gender are not taken kindly. This place is usually equipped with some snacks for when the munchies are present and some drinks for when a bro is thirsty
mom " kevin why is this mattress separating the basement kitchen from the rest of the basement?"

kevin " it is protecting the brozone layer from women and outsiders that arent taken kindly here. now since you are in the hozone can u make me a sangwhich?
by brojuana February 06, 2012
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