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A word meant to replace fuck in an specifically explanitory manner. To exclaim "fook!" is the equivilent of exclaiming its well known root.

The earliest known usage of fook in its modern form is generally credited to "KMan" in an IRC conversation in which he repeatedly wrote fook every time he lost a round in Half Life. The final count was 96. (2001)

Contrary to intellectual assumptions, the term fook has no foriegn origin and was spelt as it was meant to be stated.

Invalid usage (in terms of definition) of fook may be in the general form:
"I fooked her good. Real Good."
After being pwned several times in an intense game of counter strike, Kenny shouted, "fook!"
by Roger5 May 10, 2006
147 160
A variation of the word "Fuck", favoured primarily by male First Nations people living in large urban centres in central and western Canada. Often, the word is paired with a limp 'raising of both arms' in a helpless manner, so as to further demonstrate the mild frustration of the speaker.
*The parking spot Jim has found in which he wants to parallel park his pickup truck is too small. After exiting the vehicle and examining the situation* "Fook"

*Eric gets demoted in CoD* "Fook"

*Marty fails his AP Chemistry test* "Fook"
by NantooKK December 27, 2010
334 53
another way of saying "fuck"
favoured by us in the midlands/north england
fook you, you southern bastard!
by b0Bz0r3llo February 10, 2005
343 302
To f'ook is to leave a Facebook message on someone's Facebook Profile Wall.

To f'ook someone is to Facebook them (abbreviation), but cheekily suggests you also did something different to them, although you can stand to correct the person if they question what you said.
I f'ooked Sarah last night.. still waiting for her to get back to me though.

I'll f'ook ya later when I get a spare minute ok?
by Highonsnow August 03, 2010
9 7
safe way to say fuck
that was fooking awesome, man.

i just wanna fook that girl so hard tonite.
by cooperfus97 November 07, 2009
16 23
Same meaning as fuck, but not considered a curse word. Also related to Feez.
That fooking guy just stole my car!
by Mista Wong March 23, 2008
7 17
1.The Irish Pronunciation of fuck

2.The way posh English girls try to stay polite by pretending they are not swearing.
1.Fir fooks sake

2.fook one has spilled ones pims
by John E.D. March 18, 2004
50 60
Fook is the shortened form of the world's most popular social networking site, Facebook. For those who don't like using unnecessar syllables, Fook is a much simpler way of referring to the website. Can be used as a noun or verb, depending on the situation.
Erik: What did you end up doing last night?
Zack: Not much, just Fooked that new guy in our bio class for a couple hours and that twelve year old down the street.
Erik: Sweet dude! I love Fooking strangers!

Mom: What are you doing in there?
Zack: Fooking!
by pands4life January 08, 2011
8 19