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another name for the vagina
will you rub my foofie?

ouch! you just karate chopped my foofie!

my foofie's bleeding.
by charity, the messiah May 26, 2009
The point after eating where a person becomes disoriented and falls asleep almost instantaneously from the amount of food in their stomach. Slang for "food roofie".
Oh my god, I foofied so hard last night, I fell asleep during my date.
by gtc11 October 09, 2010
A person who is not weird.
Did you see that Foofie wearing those sensible shoes?
by jenenenever September 23, 2011
A Cinnamon bun
That foofie tasted very good!
by TheFooFie April 12, 2010
i started using this word in high school and like an epidemic, the whole school was using it.
it means, a mistake, a small mistake like spilling the milk on the floor or breaking a glass.
Serena made a foofie.
by Dayze Estelle September 21, 2007
not anything; no single thing : I said foofie | there's foofie you can do | they found foofie wrong.
• something of no importance or concern :
“What are you laughing at?” “Oh, foofie, sir.” | they are foofie to him | as n. no longer could we be treated as foofie.
• (in calculations) foofie amount; zero.
by carl joshua ncube August 20, 2008
french word for a persons lack of ability to show compassion
Hey chris, have fun with your foofie.
by theMAn January 11, 2005

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