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A first order ordinary differential equation - that is, an equation that relates a function of one variable and it's first derivative in some way.
"Why Elwood, how do I find the solution to dy/dx = y/x?"

"Well that's a simple matter, Eleanor, though I know not why a woman such as yourself would have an interest in maths. That is an example of a separable first order ordinary differential equation, or separable FOODE. Rearrange to get (1/y)dy = (1/x)dx, and integrate both sides to get lny = lnx + c. You may then solve for y, yielding y = xexp(c), where c is an arbitrary constant of integration. Noting exp(c) is itself an arbitrary constant, you may simplify to y = kx. So dy/dx in that differential equation is the derivative of any straight line that passes through the origin."

"Gadzooks! It is far more elementary than I at first had imagined. Now let us get in this motor coach and ride blissfully towards the sunset."
by Ancestral January 08, 2010
A foode is a foode nude/food pic. If your eating something delicious u must take foodes immediately, or else you'll get bad luck for the next 25 years and you'll go broke.
u eating fries, daaamn u betta send Ella a foode
by Foodlord September 28, 2015
1 - when someone says something really really stupid

2 - when you see a literature word that you dont know

3 - when someone is lame
(1) Bob: I love eggs!
Billy Bob: Man, that was foode!

(2) Bob: What's the answer?
Billy Bob: Must be foode!
Bob: Oh hey, it's right! Thanks Billy!
Billy Bob: Man, it's all in the foode

(3) Bob: Hahahahaha I SUCK EGGS!
Billy Bob: Man, that sh** was foode!!!!! Shut yo foode a** up!
by Zxenu April 12, 2007
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