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making your fingers dance in a very fast, almost vicious, manner with someone else. your fingers wiggle up, down, sideways, anyway you want. in doing this you imply that you want to engage in sexual intercourse at that very moment. the faster the fingers mean its going to be hot, kinky, filmworthy sex in the near future.
"when was your first time?"
"july 4th 2005."
"tell me about it"

and then kathryn pham described with great detail how she first intertwined fingers with chelsea sandlin under the firework filled night sky. that was the beginning of a very fondoodle filled night.
by KathrynFOSHIZZLED August 20, 2007
To touch things in wrong places or play with things in the wrong way.
I would love to fondoodle with her
by El-Magnifico February 15, 2011
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