A boogie in the butt.
Folsom- Sodomy
by A hip hop artist coming up January 11, 2009
Wackest city in the country.
We kicked some Folsom wannabe gangsta's the other day.
by childzies March 08, 2005
Lame ass town North of Covington. Full of rednecks and wanna be gangstas. Nothing but trailer parks and farms.
Randy: "Ay man"
John: "Howdy"
Randy: "Whatchu doin tonight?"
John: "I aint know yet. Goin cow tippin in Folsom prolly"
by coco_fosho November 19, 2008
1.) Used to describe a man who gets married to a woman to cover up his own gayness.

2.) The receiver in a relationship, 100% of the time.
1.) That guy is so flaming, he has to be a Folsom.

2.) He liked being the Folsom of the relationship, being pounded for hours by his big, biker boyfriend.
by ICB4LIFE February 11, 2005
gayest city in america
id rather watch 24 hours of gay porn then live in folosm
by nastynate October 07, 2003

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