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A comical, or at least absurd, definition. Such a definition makes sense from some facetious or offensive point of view.
Calling the Rolling Stones a landslide would be a daffynition.

Many of the UrbanDictionary defintions about alternative lifestyles, politics, and religion are daffynitions.

Daffynitions are the basis for many common euphemisms.
by Downstrike May 23, 2004
1)a definition which is incorrectly or confused usage.
2) wrongly defined by someone.
3) or abused with mis-understanding of some one intentions.
his daffy-nition of Religiousness was to continuously pray to a coke machine in the laundry mat.
Simply is A) confused as pimple.
B) defined as crumple.
C) abused as nipples and that is a under-stated mis-understanding of a simple word.
by ok-Doke March 16, 2008
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