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The art of staying in the house, despite being asked to go out - because you prefer your own company and anyway - why do I need to go out when I've got a new manics compilation tape to many many running order combinations..
Q. What kind of a day have you had?

A. I just folluped around.
by Belle August 06, 2003
a way of appearing overtly camp and/or eastern-european without actually being any of those things in reality.

Also applies to anyone feigning loneliness in order to appear more interesting.
the mysterious handsome tall dark stranger minced into the room with a distinct air of the follup about him...Pretty soon he had the most beautiful girl in town sat in his lap, whispering sweet nothings in his ear..
by Frankie Machine July 25, 2003
a far fetched story to make you sound more interesting
"I saw a tarantula in my garage today"


"no I'm just folluping"
by kill yourself September 01, 2004
An optical illusion or eternal paradox.

That which cannot easily be explained.

The boy minced across the grass with a pout, and, was that perhaps a hint of eye make-up?
His carefully hand-stencilled t-shirt proclaimed "don't love me i'm dead inside and really crying a lot".
Imagine the crowds surprise when he dummied the full back, span on a sixpence and crashed a thunderous shot in off the crossbar, leaving the goalkeeper stranded. When did this camp sod get so good at Football?
Croatia were sure to win the cup with this massive follup at the heart of the team...

by RicheyManic July 29, 2003
A text message written entirely in capitals and without punctuation.
"Are you shouting at me in this message?"

"No, its a Follup"
by Töne July 27, 2003
a fanny rat.
look at him, swanning round like lord fucking byron. he's a right follup. the shit-muncher.
by Gazthatch July 28, 2003
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