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The leetest mother****** on the planet. he ownz all. better rekanize
"omg, why is byron so tight and awesome and sexy and handsome and smart and everything i could ask for?" says a hot chick
by bizzle March 15, 2005
a synonym used to describe those who are better than everyone else around them.
you think you're better than everyone else, but you're not... because i'm byron!
by CeeZ! February 25, 2005
A cool,funny,handsome,& caring guy who is also GREAT in bed and has some sexy ass lips.
"Wow that guy last nite gave me the RIDE of my life so you know of course his name is Byron"
by DancingCat101 February 02, 2010
A Byron is a great friend.
A Byron is a creative wordsmith. A Byron is very artistic and musically talented.

They have a surreal imagination. A Byron can make you laugh and want to slap them at the same time. A Byron has past angst that makes them worldly weary.

Byron’s are free spirits and wander off without notice. ….if you trust them they come back eventually with vigour and a secret smile. A Byron has fantastic highs and real lows. A Byron loves food, music, women and travel.
A Byron is a great communicator when you are in favour. They are intriguing and don’t realise how much you love them for who they are right now. A Byron is gallant, a real gentleman and ladies man. A Byron loves being outdoors and at one with nature and they are often dog owners. A Byron is a Bohemian.
I could curl up on a sofa and just listen to a Byron for hours.
by May Pole February 07, 2010
Usually a very cute guy who seems conceaded at first sight but when you get close to him he'll be the awesomest guy you know.
Very funny, random, loves to talk on and on, teases girls a lot but in a nice way, gives out lots of random hugs, is very active, and sweet.
Byron is also a very sweet guy who tends to hide his pain inside while making it look like there is absolutely nothing wrong. He'll take care of you if you're the right girl for him.
A guy that many girls fall for but are afraid due to the fact that he seems so "perfect".
"Byron just gave me a hug today...again!"

"I really like Byron...but he's too good."
by neonstage94 March 06, 2010
The one that completes me. The one that gives me hope. The one that makes me whole. The one that captures my heart.
The one that is the meaning of life. The one that is the love that carries me through the day.
Blessed am I to have Byron in my life
by youareinmythoughtsalways June 02, 2010
A very lively character, very good in bed.. and the creator of everything. Always mixed up with God.
OMB - Oh my byron
On the seventh day Byron rested
by jesushunter October 25, 2010
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