Top Definition
A ditzy or clumsy person

First used in this example by Rachel Valenzuela and Myrene Javier
Lyfaye, you're being such a foink@
#foink #clumsy #ditzy #rachel #myrene
by Brentt July 31, 2007
another form of the word fuck
Where the foink is my fork?
by babshater May 22, 2003
to poke gently
i foinked his nose!!
#poke #nudge #jab #push #prod
by cheezie20 June 12, 2010
Fucking pig
You have suck a dirty mouth you foink
#fucking #pig #fucking pig #fat person #dirty person
by PABLO The Greek September 27, 2013
to remove someone's shoe by force.
in math class, stephanie foinked marlon while he was sleeping. he wandered around barefoot for the rest of the day.
by ? January 11, 2005
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