To obscure the truth, or convolute an issue to the degree that the foggee forgets what the point is/was, or is misdirected to another less personally volatile or important point.

Politicians, hustlers, and used car salespeople are master foggers.
Johnson, did you sleep with my girlfriend?!?!

Come on dog, when from what I heard Heppler has been hittin that, like his name was Jackie Chan. Heppler told a few people that she brays like that Eddie Murphy character "Donkey" when she is having sex bro. In fact I told Heppler what he was doing is/was wrong, and even wondered what got into him to do such a thing, especially considering that rumor that he has the herpes.

I hope you wear a jimmy dog; for your sake. I'm just saying bro.
by My Big Toe is Hairy January 10, 2006
Top Definition
A person who tires to act like a Nigger and is a fob.
A ghetto pretender who is also a fob.
A fob is Fresh-Off-The-Boat.

sorry if this offends anyone
Fogger #1: That kid sunny is such a fogger!
Fogger #3: I know sunny pretends to be ghetto, yet he is a fob.
by hpiatteenl October 03, 2007
A person who is a ghetto pretender, and a fob
Some one who is a mix of a nigger and a fob (fresh off the Boat).
Fogger #3 (avani): Do you think that Dev kid is a fogger?
Fogger #1 (onion): Ya!! Sunny tries to act so ghettoish, yet he has no idea that he is the biggest fogger.

Fogger #2 (Dev): Dammit everyone knows im a fogger@!!!!
by hpiatteenl October 07, 2007
A fucker who talks too much.
You fogger! I can't drive while my windows are all fogged up so STFU!
by Choua February 01, 2007
Kentucky slang word for a prostitute.
I gonna go get me a fogger.
by doesitmatter84 September 05, 2015
i'm just going to go stand by the creek and have a fogger
hey man you wanna go outside and huff a fogger?
by deemcbee16 April 17, 2011
I machine used to create the effects of fog. Helps show beams of stage lighting during concerts, and other events.
I just got a new high score in frogger...ah wait, nevermind.
by Im God so I know these things. October 27, 2003
Somone who fakes jogging
i.e.when you let someone pass in front of your car and they fake a jog .I know your lazy ass is going slow , dont pretend you are a fogger
by dwus September 17, 2005
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