a old peice of moldy poop
my dad fodes every day
by Steve R November 10, 2003
Top Definition
widespread expression used by portuguese and some wannabe cool multilingual jerks to emphasize the fuckup, astonishment, anger etc.
- Hey, dude, i heard we gotta save the most important person before we see 2012!
- Yeah, that's right we may need some pizza in the afterlife.
- No, man! We gotta save the president!
- Fodes...
by 1liter August 19, 2010
The opposite of a Chode. A lengthy penis with a disproportionately small width.
Wow, Tom. That's a real nice fode you've got there, needle dick.
by Vinny and Scott July 10, 2004
A guy who acts like a hoe, the only difference is he is a guy. Also can be used in the term as being a Thot.
Don't mess with him, he's a real fode.

That girl is a hoe, but that boy is also a fode, so they won't last too long.
by Puppydopepawz23 October 02, 2014
A bottle of beer containing 40 fluid ounces of liquid. Informally, any beer of this approximate size. Many manufacturers, such as Busch, Budweiser and Coors, produce such beers.
My dawgs an me snuck a coupla fodes into tha movies and got FUCKED up while we were watchin tha Watchmen. Mothafuckin big blue cock, man ...
by BeeZeeEee May 01, 2009
An italian kid that has more hair on his ass than on his head. He likes frisbee and hotpockets
Fode just shaved two hours ago and his beard it already fully grown back.
by poo snack April 07, 2003

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