Fuck Off Cus Youre Stupid
Dude that didn't make any since... You need to FOCUS
by sumwiteguy February 06, 2010
To break your skateboard in the very middle. Focusing all your weight and energy in the middle of the board. Intentionally or unintentionally.
I fuckin focused my board dude.
by Jorden Elliott December 13, 2007
Usually pertaining to weed. Can be whatever gets you high. Also, can be the state of being high.
Hey man you bring that focus? Yeah man I got you.

Man I'm focused as fuck right now.

Yo man you aight? Yeah I'm good. Just a lil focused.
by C-Hizzle222 March 24, 2010
Fuck Off Cuz Ur Stupid

Much stronger than just "fuck off."
Telling someone to leave because of actions socially unacceptable, usually things that are stupid.
Douche: Why don't you type properly? Maybe other will respect you more...

Man: u no wut.... FOCUS bithc!
by GTFOmycouch March 15, 2010
Acronym for (Fuck Off 'Cause Ur Stupid)

This was coined in a Cheverolet parts department in Colorado sometime in the 2000's. Now is employed as a standard phrase for GM parts department operation.
Parts Guy: "Here comes Jerry again."

Other Parts Guy: "Hey Jer, FOCUS."

(Jerry nods and walks away)

Parts Guy: "Dude, you think he knows what that means yet?"

Other Parts Guy: "Nope, 'cause he's stupid!"
by Few Fries Short of Happy Meal January 19, 2013
an acronym used to tell someone quickly and secretly to Fuck Off 'Cause U're Stupid.
Person 1: You're not doing that right.

Person 2: FOCUS!

Person 1 walks away wondering what the hell that was about...
by Fritzy30 November 21, 2011
Acronym standing for: Fuck off cuz ur stupid. Used in any situation where a person is being dumb.
Boy: Is that a mirror in your pants, cuz I can really see myself in them.

Girl: You need to F.O.C.U.S.


Fool, F.O.C.U.S.
by BIG O & a little shady March 10, 2011

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