Fuck Off Cuz U Suck
I just got a FOCUS letter from my credit card company, denying me credit.

I just a FOCUS letter from that job I applied for, telling me they hired someone else.

by Snappz August 04, 2008
To have sex with one or more parties.
"Momma, What's daddy doin' with that camera? Child be still! Right now he tryin' to focus. "Boff Us"?
by Dave March 31, 2004
The baddest gospel group in the US. Who is under the direction of the,famous Micheal Brown. They also have the phattest band which includes: Micheal,LaMonet,Lovonta,Steven,and Justin.
Almost like S.O.P but better
by Danny White December 27, 2003
Timmy: jesus christ focus man focus
Johnny: your an asshole
by scatman_X March 25, 2007
A car made by Ford distinguishable by its big ass and cheap insurance
My focus is well fast on the road
by Dave August 27, 2003
A crappy compact made by ford.
hocus focus, now you see, now you see it in your rearview mirror!
by I special October 23, 2006
A cheap, slow car by Ford that when floored, accelerates at the same speed as a snail.
I took a Focus for a test drive. I floored it and it went nowhere.
by td March 26, 2004
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