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starting words: field hockey
field minus "ield";
hockey minus "h".
then, "f"+"ockey"=
and that's how field hockey becomes fockey.
Away message: at fockey practice from 3-5.
by SpecialPaper (also on Myspace) September 07, 2006
An awesome group of girls who play field hockey. They often cult and are united by the love of the sport. A black man named joe makes sure their confidence doesnt get too high even though they are so awesome. Also has been ranked "the coolest team in the school" Teammates have been known to use the words Fock sh** up and Down to fock.
"Wow that girl is gnarly, she must be on fockey."

" I thought Samuel Jackson was the coolest person ever until i met the fockey team."
by Ohitsme. September 14, 2011
A group of girls that play field hockey who are above the level of friends and have evolved into a annoying blob; which is self-centered and does not extend to anyone outside of the field hockey realm
You girls are being so obnoxious, that's so fockey

Did fockey really go to Vermont this weekend by themselves and not invite anyone else?
by Blazer-MNSC December 13, 2010
fockey is just another word to describe how fabulous you really are or how wonder ful something looks or how cool it is.
You can use to replace:
sexy etc.
Wow you look so fockey today. It that a new scarf? It looks so fockey. Wow your make up looks fockey today.
by K A Y L E S February 01, 2009
Fockey: term to be used when someone u hate gets in trouble for some weird ass shit...
ex: "mr. Beer, i swear i didnt take pictures of my own testicles"
"hahaha FOCKEY"
by Anna Pangilinan October 24, 2005

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