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Means to be Facebook sober. Someone who has recently deleted their Facebook account and/or friends.
I am now Fober for 3 weeks. I deleted my facebook account.
by hookedonit July 14, 2011
Refers to a person who’s ‘fresh off the boat’: a recent immigrant. Does NOT refer to just middle-eastern people* as bronky incorrectly stated. Other variations: FOBERS

dude, bronky doesn’t even know how to spell. He’s such a frickin fober.
by HR May 04, 2005
Acronym for the 'Fear Of Being Eventually Raped'. It is the sick and nauseating feeling you get sometimes like the feeling you would experience if you were about to be raped.
That creepy bum keeps staring over here and it's really starting to make me feel fober.
by ShawneeSullivan July 28, 2011
Fober - Fake Online Body Mostly used in the game roblox mostly if someone is using a fake outfit and is a noob
Oh my god i was playing roblox yesterday and i saw this "Fober" Using fake glasses hair and clothes it sickens me - Seadoke20
by SexySemxy January 04, 2015
Another variation to the word fober; plural
I hope no fobers read my definition of the word purple.
by HR May 04, 2005
fresh of the boat, referring to a middle eastern bronk
dude, that guy sant speak english he is such a fober
by bronky May 25, 2004
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