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Acronym for "Fool of a Took"

Easier to use and, to some extent, less damaging to your reputation.

If anyone asks you can just say it is a cross between a ferret and a stoat.
Robert: Ok I actually just thought that carrot was a ginger cat.
David: ...You absolute foat.
by Davey P February 25, 2007
Stands for "Fool Of A Took". Adapted from the wizard Gandalf. Is used to describe someone who is a prick.
omg, you're such a foat!!!
by -:Phoenix:- November 28, 2005
An adjective describing a rather foul smelling fart. Or Fresh Off A Terd.
Dude, that was a foat! Go take a dump before you shit yourself.
by smoke660 January 18, 2012