a foaming-at-the-mouth liberal moonbat.
as soon as someone dares to criticize global warming, all the foamies come out of the woodwork.

by hooksaw October 17, 2007
Top Definition
a foam surfboard, often 7-9 feet in length and used by those learning to surf
Hey dude, the waves are looking pretty small today. Let's take out the foamies!
by lj beach bum July 15, 2008
when you drop your fawdie, and discover upon picking it up that almost all 40 ounces have turned into foam.
I don't care that you dropped your fawdie! Pick that shit up! You'll drink that foamie and like it!
by swpsean February 21, 2008
Its like a selfie just with Foam on your face. Now imagine being like santa claus anytime of the day! It can even be used in many ways such as Foamie With my best friend or hey foamie with dad!
Hey bud, where is your Foamie for today? Ran out of shave gel did we!
by chicmagnet June 19, 2014
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