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states you might fly over during a plane ride from the east to west coast of the U.S.A. generally the midwest. a flyover has the characteristics of an 'average joe.'
los angeles citizen #1: "i hear dillon watches that show "seventh heaven"..
los angeles citizen #2: "wow. what a flyover.."
by gracieeee July 31, 2007
the feeling you experience the day after smoking a lot of marijuana.
I had such a bad fly-over at work the next morning.....
by Basement hero June 28, 2009
A person who lives in flyover country.
Who cares what people in Montana think? They are just a bunch of flyovers.
by Pepper March 14, 2004
A person from the West Coast of the US who is in the East Coast, for whatever reason, or vise versa. Often finds him/herself a fish out of water.
Wrong coast, flyover.
by FourCart May 20, 2011