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a word that rhymes with uterus and is therefore very useful in very classy high-toned poetry suitable for the upper classes of any society except the Afghans.
A funny old gal in a burka
Took another day off from worka,
From the old town of Fluterus
She had filled up her uterus,
With the son of a Taliban jerka!
by Marlen Flutnik December 07, 2007
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An unusual organ of the female's body, found in only a precious, royal, few females, which plays much better than a piano. The fluterus has never been domesticated and cannot be used as legal tender in Bosnia.
Alternatively: a simple and tender word usable as a rhyme with uterus.
My dearest Griselda, do please cease flagrantly flaunting, flapping or flipping your fluterus during the Prince's Ball. It is disturbing to the lower classes.
Once she gave me the key to her fluterus, the platypus died.
by Terabithia Schwartz March 03, 2008
Flu + Uterus = fluterus. An alternative term for Pre-Menstrual Syndrome.
"Kill me, I contracted fluterus today!"
by April B. White March 11, 2008

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