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an expression used to chide or mock someone who has just embarrassed his or herself, or been embarrassed, as a satirical encouragement.
man 1: "you two ladies look great, is she your mom?"
woman: "...she's my sister" *both walk away
man 2: "OOOH FLUSH IT"
by notbad.jpg September 07, 2011
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When someone talks so much shit and you want them to shut up. You tell them to "Flush it"
Adam: Im the man. I can get any woman I want and I can rock her world for hours non-stop
Lydia:Oh Just FLUSH IT already!!
by Lydia1016 October 08, 2008
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to flush away a shit; adding the words flush and shit to make one simple meaning
She took a dump so she had to flushit.
by Holly Day April 07, 2006
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