Top Definition
Street name for cocaine.
Hey man, you know where I could get some flurries?

Hey bro, lets go rail some flurries!
by Lindsey Lohan May 12, 2013
cumming on a girls ass

for instance, after a guy makes it rain in the club, he makes it "flurry" on her ass right after
"I make it snow, I make it flurry"
-Lil Wayne
by swagga22 October 15, 2008
A flurry is an icecream meal that you can get from maccas. Easily mistaken for a Mcflurry.
Person A: Hey mate can i have a flurry?
Person B: Yeah sure, here is your flurry.

Person A: Hey mate can i have a mcflurry?
Person B: What the fuck's a mcflurry? You mean Flurry right?

by andy2342345 October 22, 2008
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