post-ejaculated cum, deposited in an oriface
the flunk dripped out of her like a melting ice cream
by Davina April 10, 2006
To screw up immensely
Robert James Pittard and Jennell Christine Waelty Flunk at AH-64D Maintenance
by BostonAH64d September 11, 2010
When one person vigorously rubs their hands back and forth between someone else's back and backpack.
Dude after school you wanna go over to my place and flunk?
by AAtheMan May 12, 2016
a total devastation by one of the following acts:

1. a really hard hit

2. a freakishly ironic yet tragic turn of events

past tense: flunked

3. the result of smoking really good weed
1. Check the replay to see Mike Vick get flunked by Brian Urlacher.

2. He bought the ring, planned the dinner and booked the seven day cruise to Puerto Rico just for her to say ,"No". Did she have to flunk 'em like that.

3. Man, this weed got me flunked.
by Adonis Jordan, (realesteva) March 12, 2006
Something that is even better than getting, "Crunk." It is when you are "Crunk" while flying on an aircraft.
S.M:"Lets get freakin' Flunk.
S.M:Crunk on an aircraft.
by Sara michelle September 22, 2007
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