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A penis you don't expect to find somewhere.
"What's that sly cock doing between my legs?"
by Davina April 10, 2006
a very cute way of describing a penis
willy = wiwwy
i love your wiwwy so much *shrugs*
by Davina May 23, 2006
A traffic warden in Edinburgh
"Watch out or that shit face will fine your ass"
by Davina April 10, 2006
a term used to describe resin (cannabis).
"I'll get us some noggin for later on man"
by Davina March 30, 2006
v. to love; to be fond of

--the act of thinking about a person constantly

n. the state of being in love
1.)I ice cream cone you Thanawat Siri, always and forever.

2.) DD ice cream cones you like whoa!

3.) I think I'm in ice cream cone land because of Thanawat!! I can't stop thinking about him. >>kit tung tur mung mung! muah
by Davina December 10, 2003
post-ejaculated cum, deposited in an oriface
the flunk dripped out of her like a melting ice cream
by Davina April 10, 2006

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