f lunch - if you are asking a friend if they want to go to for lunch you can use flunch as a quick and easy method of asking.
Person A - hey man are you hungry?
Person B - yeah i am actually, wanna go f lunch?
Person A - yeah im starving!
by auroberts July 18, 2010
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aka fun lunch, a work lunch where drinking is not only accepted it is mandatory.
My TL drank a pitcher of Margaritas at our flunch.
by Skeezer Pleezers June 26, 2006
A wierd french fast food resteraunt that is generally to be avoided.

Also a word that can be used in place of virtually any derogatory term/insult.
go flunch yourself

what the flunch

I caught flunch off bob

eat your flunch

you flunched my dober
by Rath Roiben Rye May 25, 2008
To fuck. Also can be used as an insult.
Person A: "Want to go flunch later?"
Person B: "Sure! anytime"
by terpsrock66 July 18, 2010
a fucked lunch; a tasteless, ugly daymeal that makes you vomit or you feel a sickness, disgust, nausea etc.
What a flunch you gave me!!!!!!!!!!
by Andrius M. iamlonesome April 07, 2008
A free lunch.
"Going to flunch, wanna come?" "Hell yeah!"

"There's no such thing as a flunch."

"It's flunch, but you have to tip."
by beinmetz October 28, 2009
An easy way to ask "what's for lunch?" to a workmate.
"Flunch?" or "Dude, flunch?"
by thrtnastrx February 22, 2008

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