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Flemming is the scandinavian term and spelling off. Fleming
Flemming also refers to a Danish bookseries about the teenager boy Flemming and his James Bond like life. Where he experience and solve domestic crimes.

In the late 60's the Danes named there boys Flemming..
So a lot off the boys actually is called a nickname or by their Lastname..

Flemming is the guy you can trust and he stands up for you..He will protect and help you without condition..but don't hurt him! He has a memory of an elephant
This is impossible! So I'll ask if Flemming will help me!
by Flomme November 27, 2011
Verb. The practice of leaving or depositing your feacal matter in an inappropriate place. eg: Microwave
The dog totally flemminged on the lounge floor." "Dude you got too drunk and got your flemming on in the microwave" "Flemming is disgusting, why would anyone do that?
by Revengewasneversweeter June 04, 2011
To act in a homosexual manner.
Stephen was taking the guys out for drinks and acting flemming in touching guys inappropriately.
by TankOzzy November 30, 2013
Someone who is not very clever in anyway whatsoever
Can be described as 'Helen is so flemming, what a flemmers!'
by chris toms September 28, 2006
Flemming is a word used for people sending emails who forgets actually to attach the attachments.
Hi! Did you get my file on the email?
No - you pulled a Flemming!
by mrkk February 28, 2008
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