A wierd french fast food resteraunt that is generally to be avoided.

Also a word that can be used in place of virtually any derogatory term/insult.
go flunch yourself

what the flunch

I caught flunch off bob

eat your flunch

you flunched my dober
by Rath Roiben Rye May 25, 2008
Top Definition
Flunch, derived from the similarly-named fast-food chain, "Flunch", is a noun which refers to the object of oral human expulsion (vomit), or a verb meaning to "to vomit".

The reason this word means "vomit" or "to vomit" is because the restaurant is absolutely revolting, serving up rotten mussels and frozen sweet products. After dining at the restaurant, if it can be justified as dining, we literally felt like vomiting, or flunching.
I feel like I'm gonna flunch.

Somebody flunched behind the door!

Ew, I just stepped in someone's flunch!

That ride is intense, last time I went on it I flunched.
by jevaisfluncher March 28, 2015
a fucked lunch; a tasteless, ugly daymeal that makes you vomit or you feel a sickness, disgust, nausea etc.
What a flunch you gave me!!!!!!!!!!
by Andrius M. iamlonesome April 07, 2008
To fuck. Also can be used as an insult.
Person A: "Want to go flunch later?"
Person B: "Sure! anytime"
by terpsrock66 July 18, 2010
aka fun lunch, a work lunch where drinking is not only accepted it is mandatory.
My TL drank a pitcher of Margaritas at our flunch.
by Skeezer Pleezers June 26, 2006
f lunch - if you are asking a friend if they want to go to for lunch you can use flunch as a quick and easy method of asking.
Person A - hey man are you hungry?
Person B - yeah i am actually, wanna go f lunch?
Person A - yeah im starving!
by auroberts July 18, 2010
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