A fluctuating degree of frugality based on economic circumstances.(portmanteau of fluid and frugal)
Growing up, my family lived with a sense of flugality. We scrimped and saved when money is tight, but when it came in we indulged.
by Batesio March 18, 2011
Top Definition
The act of making love to a bread product
Wow, he really flugaled that Buck Muffin

Who Flugaled my croissant?
by Patrick McCloskey March 23, 2004
Another word for douche.

However, a Flugal is not at the level of Summer's Eve, it is a very generic douche and cheap douche made with the cheapest ingredients possible.

Also is related to a person that everyone hates because they are always ouot for themselves, hate when other people succeed and complain and whine about everything so they can get their own way. And then we he gets his own way, he still complains.
What a Flugal Bag!!

That Flugal Bag just bitched to the VP because he wanted a window seat. He told the VP that he would do better than he is doing now if he was moved. So they frickin moved him to a window seat which caused other people to have to change desks. What a joke!

But the funny thing is that he has done worse since the move. What a Flugal Bag
by PigF*Face June 19, 2009
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