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Paper Route is an American Indie rock band from Nashville, Tennessee formed in 2004. paper route has toured with Paramore, Phantom Planet, and Jack's Mannequin. They have also toured with Copeland, Passion Pit, and She Wants Revenge.and currently touring with Owl City and Lights.

paper route is an amazing band.
Paper Route is composed of Chad Howat (bass, piano, programming), J.T. Daly (vocals, keyboards, percussion), Andy Smith (vocals, guitars, harmonica), and Gavin McDonald (drums).

also check out now,now every children they are from the same area and also ROCK!
by AlExSwOrD April 16, 2010
the feeling when something has happened before when infact is is a brand new experiance to the person.

scientists think its when one side of your brain is working a few seconds or even milli seconds faster than the other side.
guy: wow i think this has happened before.

girl: no it hasnt its one side of your brain working faster than the other.

guy: thanks for ruining my theories of Déjà vu.
by AlExSwOrD April 16, 2010
a word used during sex when things get to heated or you cant handle any more and you both stop when the word is uttered.

a safe word.
girl - flugal horn,
guy - ok the cufs are comming off.
by AlExSwOrD February 02, 2010
a top notch college in northern ireland with great students, newly referbished college grounds, wonderfull courses and the best art department in the whole of northern ireland thanks to the great staff. it has a wonderfull atmosphere and will do everything to help you pass your course. it has loads of courses from brick laying to art and from business studies to travel and tourism.

it was previously known as tech and some still call it tech. it is now known as serc.
boy one: hey, you going to south eastern regional college next year?

boy two: dont you mean serc? and yes.
by AlExSwOrD April 16, 2010
something thats hard to explane and is very spontanious. usually is a great start to the day and sometimes comes with a feeling on antisipation.

the opposite of a sad feeling which usually isnt very good.
example one: when you get a ticket to see your most favourite band ever and you cant help but smile and be happy. that is the happy feeling, after that comes the antisipation.

example two: when you found out that youve passed a test or when opening a present.
by AlExSwOrD April 16, 2010
mans helper
Man - woman make me a sandwitch
woman - ok


Woman (bible description)
by AlExSwOrD August 21, 2011
an expression used when annoyed or you want some one to leave you alone.

comes from the classic saying 'go fuck yourself'

go fuck if said right can add comic value to the situation.
steve: hey brian, can i copy your work?

brian: go fuck!
by AlExSwOrD April 16, 2010

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