the act of a male applying powder, usually medicated, to his testicles with a gentle slapping gesture. This provides one with a tingling sensation. Can also be done with average baby powder.

(Note: although any type of powder can be used, medicated foot powder is most common due to the more potent active ingredients.)
-What were you doing in there?
-I was fluffing. I always fluff after a hot shower. My balls love the feeling.
by elsalchicha June 22, 2009
The act of women farting.
Oh My God, I've been fluffing a lot today.
by Optical P. March 20, 2009
to prepare a man for a gangbang
the girls started fluffing the men at the front of the queue
by Rich Smith January 23, 2003
The act of pulling ones pants down over an innocent friends (obviouly not innocent) pillow, squovvering A.K.A. squating and/or hovering approximately one inch away and farts upon it (be sure not to Shart as in this will ruin the joke.). Thus, over the night whilst he/she rests obtains Pink Eye. Which is funny in all actuality.
Friend01: "Dude, guess what I did with Tom's pillow!"
Friend02: "What?"
Friend01: "I 'Fluffed' it for him."
Friend02: "Um... I beleive he's 'Fluffing your pillow right now.'
Friend01: "Wah Teh Flek WTF???"
by Sol Surfer December 15, 2007
Used in terms of drug use. In stead of saying you are "high" or where are my drugs, they use this term. Most commonly used drug for this term is ecstasy.
Are you fluffing tonight Melissa? I just fluffed babe.
Melissa is seriously fluffing tonight.
by The Original Zippy© November 17, 2005
Another way of saying fuck if you are infront of your parents or your grandparents or anyother authortity figure. =)
Stop fluffing me, you beezotch.
by Pistachio June 16, 2004

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