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To keep someone erect, especially while they are getting a tattoo on the penis.
There was no way I was going to fluff John while he was getting a dragon tattooed on his cock.
by nfield February 04, 2007
3 15
An measurement of love on an arbitary scale. The number of fluffs has no meaning except relatively.
I fluff you 10 fluffs
by D&G soc October 23, 2006
2 14
Fuck, used in expressions
"What the fluff is going on in here?"
by Jeff Creen September 09, 2003
15 27
can add ending -ing- or -er-

a clean way to say the 'f' word

It was created to represent a word we can not use in school.
Shut the Fluff up Peter, gyead!
by Krista April 06, 2005
12 25
A soft toned passing of gas; usually is lengthy and done quitely. Mostly done by females
by LJ April 17, 2003
10 25
An adjective for things that are cute.
"awww what a fluff kitten"
by Miriam September 18, 2003
6 22
taking too many vicodin or darvocet or lortabs etc.
im fluffin out
by fluffy December 03, 2003
8 25