Fuck, used in expressions
"What the fluff is going on in here?"
by Jeff Creen September 09, 2003
a gay person
"that guy is such a fluff!"
by thegirlthatclaimedfluff September 11, 2012
term for a young strait guy who acts gay
That guy u think is gay but he actualy has more game than any one you now that guy is a fluff.
by bored_dude January 04, 2010
Ladies version of a parp!!!
Ewww she just fluffed!
by Lo and Nick May 10, 2008
Fluff refers to high grade marijuana that is well-cured and has a light and fluffy feel to it. The buds are almost completely covered in THC crystals and red or white hairs. One puff will have you spinning.
Stoner: "I've been chiefin' on that fluff, bro."
Stoner 2: "Yeah, that shit is some fire."
by e-c-stoner December 08, 2007
To fart directly onto an object to make the smell intense
I just fluffed my hand
by Monkeyboy8989 May 04, 2008
To fart, to pass wind.
Used when I was young (1-10 yrs of age) coz if we said 'fart' we got our asses kicked.
Me: *sniffs* what on earth is that?
My bro: I farted dude. want it in cupcake form?
me: shit dont let mum hear you swear!
*mum enters*
me: you mean YOU FLUFFED, right?
my bro: ... yeah I... fluffed. excuse me
*mum approves of our language correction and leaves*
me: you fuckin stinkyass
by dancer01 April 03, 2005
To pass gas/fart silently or incredibly loud, which may or may not cause brutal suffocation and significant internal organ damage to both parties.
Hey, I have to fluff... Watch out!

I'm going to fluff, im going to go to the bathroom now.
by C&Lance August 08, 2007

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