-A much more polite word for fag. The word fluff is just something that seems feminine, probably why the word originated to be so.
Person A: Hey, look at that guy.
Person B: Just by the looks of it, don't you think he's a fluff?
Person A: Yeah. Definitely a fluff.
by Rhymes October 12, 2009
PG version of fxxk. For those who don't curse but get too agravated they just had to say a rhyming word.
"What the fluff? Why'd I get a D when i studied my brains out?!"
by Daniela the shiznit April 21, 2008
Fluff or in other words "fluffer" or "fluffing" is used in the place of gay.
My god, you are such a fluffer!

boy:Did you see Miley Cyrus on TV yesterday?
girl: Yeah. She's such a fluff. I can't stand her!
by shayydood April 09, 2008
Fluff refers to high grade marijuana that is well-cured and has a light and fluffy feel to it. The buds are almost completely covered in THC crystals and red or white hairs. One puff will have you spinning.
Stoner: "I've been chiefin' on that fluff, bro."
Stoner 2: "Yeah, that shit is some fire."
by e-c-stoner December 08, 2007
when girls release tinny particles of poop and smells, too small to be seen or smelt, from their pores. thus removing the need to poop or fart.
girls do not poop they fluff
by Mel_Dizzy November 12, 2011
To fart, to pass wind.
Used when I was young (1-10 yrs of age) coz if we said 'fart' we got our asses kicked.
Me: *sniffs* what on earth is that?
My bro: I farted dude. want it in cupcake form?
me: shit dont let mum hear you swear!
*mum enters*
me: you mean YOU FLUFFED, right?
my bro: ... yeah I... fluffed. excuse me
*mum approves of our language correction and leaves*
me: you fuckin stinkyass
by dancer01 April 03, 2005
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