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the collective noun of the word dick. Similar to flock or gaggle.
Her family is acting like a fluddle of dicks.
by r/atheismwashere July 18, 2011
'Fluddle' is a medium sized expanse of surface water, to small to be a Flood, but to big to be a Puddle.

It is an in-between acronym 'FL'OOD + P'UDDLE' = FLUDDLE.
A 'Fluddle' is commonly found on a dodgy B-road in the UK, just after a medium downpour of rain. There will usually be a sign just before it stating there to be a 'Flood' ahead. Upon approach huge disappointment is felt after thinking there to be a Flood ahead, with the possibility of aquaplaning!!! Only to find a 'Fluddle', a medium sized expanse of water with no real name.
by DR FLUDDLE June 02, 2010
An amount of standing water, during or after heavy rain, that is too large and deep to be counted as a puddle, but too shallow and small to be counted as a flood.
Did you see that massive fluddle at the bottom of the road this morning? It was almost impossible to drive through it!
by CortexRock November 13, 2009
making a spasmic hand motion that involves bending the elbows in toward the body and moving the fingers slowly as if playing the classical guitar
I saw Tim fluddle at school one time.
by Nickelodeon77 May 12, 2009
Sniglet, to do something stupid and then try to be cool about it, or pretend like you meant to do it.
A man walkes into a glass door, plays it off, and acts like it didnt happend is an example of a fluddle.
by Ken Gman March 06, 2008
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