A good friend can be identified with the use of the term 'flud'

In the same way a group of good friends can be identified as 'fludrins'.

This word originates from North London, where once upon a time Farrahri and Rabioli said it in the wrong context. bless them.
Phrase: waagz flud

Definition: hello good friend..
by Rabiah February 01, 2009
ultimate or greatest
your phat new ride is flud
by Lats77 June 30, 2006
1. Social news reader app.

2. To endorse a fantastic article by sharing it via the Flud button.
Have you checked out Flud? It's a sexy new way to read news on your smartphone.

I love this article! I have to Flud it to my followers.

This article is the shit. I'm definitely going to Flud it.
by TheOriginalEB February 07, 2012

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