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When an old man in a changing room puts one leg up on a bench, and then proceeds to dry his area by slowly flossing the towel between his legs
Ah jesus! did you see that old guy doing the floss?
by i hate old men who floss. June 05, 2004
27 65
ta show off. . .
the boy was tryna floss me on dates
by Shir~Lee January 07, 2004
7 45
Not showing up to some place, when you said you are going to.
Blaine: "Hey, you coming over to chill?"
Stephanie: "Yah, I'm on my way"
~6 hours later~
Stephanie knocks on window of Blaine's house
Blaine: "Hey girl, I thought you were flossing"
Stephanie: "Deeeude!! I'm deff. not a flosser!!!"
by Bucas Loverrrrrrrrrrr April 24, 2006
7 46
a slang term used to describe an object(ie. shoes, chain, hoe)as raw, or nice.
O damn son, thats a flossin shirt.
by White Mike September 03, 2003
7 46
if the verb 'to chill' is jv, the verb 'to floss' is varsity. a much higher level of chilling.
cold flossin up in that piece
by g.tarc April 29, 2006
5 45
A tight thong that rides up the pussy.
You see that floss up in there?
Man I'd like to help pick out that floss...
by floss-bandit February 28, 2005
9 49
1) Thong underwear, especially G-strings
2) A thin thread used for cleaning betweens one teeth.
3) embroidery thread
4) plant fibers
5) silkworm fibers
1) Girl, you can see your floss REAL bad. Pull your pants up.
2) I used floss this morning after I brushed.
3) My grandma used pink floss to embroider this pillow
4) There was a thick floss covering the cotton plant.
5) The silkworm floss was used to make a pair of silk boxers.
by Ashley November 19, 2003
33 75