An Idiot in Florida. Generally speaking, a Floridiot comes from California, New York, New Jersey, Michigan, or Canada.
Man 1: Man, florida fucked up the elections again.

Man 2: Hey, don't blame us Crackers, its those damn Floridiots the rest of America keeps sending us.
by TisHimsizzle January 26, 2008
Top Definition
derogatory term used to describe people from Florida
Go back to Florida you fucking floridiot!
by blueridgenative September 28, 2006
Idiots from Florida, most likely white trash.
"My grandparents are Floridiots, they have 40 plastic pink flamingos on their lawn"
by Ivan Lein April 20, 2006
Someone born in Florida. Subject to massive amounts of fluoride in their drinking water, thus making them do retarded stuff and having low IQ's. They are notorious for not knowing how to drive and causing insane amounts of unnecessary traffic accidents. They like to drive 90 miles per hour on the highway riding your butt when its foggy as all hell out, but when its clear as day they like to drive 10 miles under the speed limit, thus causing massive amounts of unnecessary traffic wasting massive amounts of your time. Someone who does not understand what the passing lane is.
Look at this dumb Floridiot holding up all this traffic, THE LEFT LANE IS THE PASSING LANE... LET ME BY!!!!
by logicaliforn April 12, 2011
any idiot from florida stuck in another state. they are the ones with the florida tags who cut you off on the interstate. Also the ones who act like stupid tourists when visiting other cities (like new york) then go back to florida and complain about the stupid tourists clogging up the beaches.
"That guy just cut me off! Jerk!"
"easy mom. he doesnt know any better, he's a Floridiot."
by Floridiots unite July 10, 2008
Annoying people from Florida (most of the state's population) which insist on traveling to other places like the mountains or cooler places in order to get away from the heat/humidity of their home state, and quite obviously have every intention of annoying the locals wherever they go. Sometimes Floridiots move to other places, but eventually they leave thankfully. Floridiots can't drive worth a shit but most places reluctantly put up with them during summer months. Floridiots are generally not allowed to leave their home state outside of June-August, and if they insist on visiting other places they should quickly spend their money and leave. Vehicles with Florida license plates should also be avoided on the road.
"What a surprise, the speed limit is 55 but that Floridiot went around a mild curve going 20MPH."
by doopy462 July 08, 2013
An individual who has previously lived in Florida, moved away, and incessantly talks about how Florida is vastly better than everywhere else. Typically this individual lacks secondary education, or gainful employment, and is parasitic by nature.
James: Who is that annoying asshole?

Greg: That's Franks cousin, he's a floridiot

James: Oh, makes sense.
by Nancy Marmelade August 15, 2011
A Person who moves to the state of Florida and lacks the basic skills needed to function as a normal person.
That bitch in the red car just cut me off, What a Floridiot!
by Mal7843 February 26, 2008
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