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Someone born in Florida. Subject to massive amounts of fluoride in their drinking water, thus making them do retarded stuff and having low IQ's. They are notorious for not knowing how to drive and causing insane amounts of unnecessary traffic accidents. They like to drive 90 miles per hour on the highway riding your butt when its foggy as all hell out, but when its clear as day they like to drive 10 miles under the speed limit, thus causing massive amounts of unnecessary traffic wasting massive amounts of your time. Someone who does not understand what the passing lane is.
Look at this dumb Floridiot holding up all this traffic, THE LEFT LANE IS THE PASSING LANE... LET ME BY!!!!
by logicaliforn April 12, 2011
The very left lane on a street or highway. By law you must be passing in the left lane.
Hunny, move over to the passing lane so we can move faster.
by logicaliforn April 12, 2011
A very simple law Floridiots can't seem to grasp.
Why do all these dumb Floridians travel 10 miles under the speed limit in the passing lane all the damn time!?
by logicaliforn April 12, 2011

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