part of an airplane that sits under the wings and next to the left falangee.
if the florange is not hooked to the left falangee then the plane will not take off.

Also, it rhymes with orange.
by Donna Baby June 12, 2008
An acronym or abbreviation for "floral arrangement". This is a word I coined many, many years ago so that frustrated poets everywhere would have a word to rhyme with orange.
She chose a tropical florange for the centerpiece.
by Jim C. August 10, 2007
The act of an animal (usually a dog) “playing ostrich” and nestling / hiding its head or snout in ones crotch or between their legs.

Note: This word is loosely derived from “flog” or “flogging” and consequently rhymes with orange in an attempt to have a word do so. There was alcohol involved in the discovery of this word.
“Your dog’s very friendly. He’s floranged me three times since I got here.”

“Every time I scratch your dog’s ears she floranges me.”

“I’ve been floranged!”
by Brett (aka Lucky) March 28, 2007
The shiver one experiences whilst urinating, often even when it is not cold.
I had terrible florange this morning, it went everywhere!
by Tyui July 27, 2006
Verb: The action in which a person of the opposite gender rejects the affections of another in a mean, creul, often hurtful manner. Also, the only word that rhymes with 'orange'
"Sorry dude, but she floranged you bad."
by Dieachtensteel October 25, 2006
A yellowy browny orangy colour often found in board games. The colour is also known as shit colour, as the colour is very foul.
Dammit, why do I always have to be florange in risk?
by Gharbad July 15, 2006
the tuft of hair that grows in the valley below the adams apple.
In the middle of the bar, she grabbed him by the florange and dragged him out into the street, he could do little but follow with the twist of her wrist, she knew his weak spot well.
by chesh January 06, 2005

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