The act of raping an overly false tanned woman in a flower bed.
yo dude, i totally floranged that bitch last night!
by Cheese'n'shit January 19, 2011
The awkward dance that occurs when two people walking towards each other move in the same direction to avoid running into one another
Esteban and Jane tried to avoid eye contact as they walked towards each other in the crowded hall. But as they drew closer, and Jane tried to move to the left of Esteban, they floranged briefly and both walked away blushing.
by jekaanne August 14, 2008
noun: describes the many things found together on the ground in the woods/forest.
Consisting of fallen leaves and branches, dead animals and the like.
As others have stated... useful to rhyme with "orange" and coined by my (at the time) 6 year old daughter to prove there was a word that did rhyme with "orange"
While stepping through the florange, he saw the discarded cigarette pack, empty JD bottle and a used condom.
by tasarelda March 26, 2009
1. When you're walking towards someone and they strafe left as you strafe right and then they strafe right as you strafe left and its really awkward.

2. It also can be rhymed with orange
"I was walking in the hallway today and some dweeby freshman caused a massive florange."
by jack grogan August 06, 2008
A stack of no less than twenty hundred dollar bills folded over.
I got a florange on that horse.
by The DJ Tanner February 03, 2009
Female Orgamsam
1) Oh my fucking God! That was best Florange I've ever exepreicened in my life!! Lets do it again!

2)Kayin and Latronda are so amazing! They created the word Florange on 3/19/09. This will go down in history!!
by WhatDaFuck? March 19, 2009
when something is stuck in your shoe and cant get it out
When ur walking and something is hurting ur foot it is most likely florange
by The Evil Lord Xenu January 28, 2009

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