noun: describes the many things found together on the ground in the woods/forest.
Consisting of fallen leaves and branches, dead animals and the like.
As others have stated... useful to rhyme with "orange" and coined by my (at the time) 6 year old daughter to prove there was a word that did rhyme with "orange"
While stepping through the florange, he saw the discarded cigarette pack, empty JD bottle and a used condom.
by tasarelda March 26, 2009
Top Definition
To create out of necessity.
There are no words that rhyme with orange so I had to florange one.
by elmario June 09, 2005
(noun) An orange that has been on the floor.
Dave: What's with all of these floranges?

Kyle: Danny knocked over the fruit bowl.

Dave: Let's make this one a worange by throwing it at the wall!

Kyle: I'd rather not. I don't want citric acid in my eye again.
by Fruitthrower March 10, 2012
Unrefined beauty
In his poem, he wrote that I possessed florange.
by talltrouble May 30, 2014
Oranges grown in Florida hence florange
this fruit is grown around the world
the best fruit comes from florange
and if accepted this may be
the only rhyming word with orange
by david ord December 13, 2009
the act of trying to find a rhyme for "orange"
as johnny lay in his bed, he floranged for quite a bit.
by Eezarthebarbarian November 21, 2013
a word used to discribe something "legit" or extra ordinary.
that movie was florange.
by killajrose May 09, 2011
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