the storage of one's entire wardrobe on their bedroom floor. this situation most often arrises with high school and college students and also with those that live in their mother's house.
Some people see a pile of clothes, I choose to see a floordrobe.
by king louis III February 16, 2009
when you've either run out of room in your actual wardrobe, or you're just too lazy to put your clothes in a chest of draws, and they just lye on your floor.
Sure I'd love to come out tonight, let me pick something to wear from my floordrobe
by smithers_x July 02, 2009
A floordrobe is when all of your cloths are located on the floor of your room rather then in your closet!
Question: What are you wearing tonight? Answer: I don't know let me check my floordrobe!
by AmieM February 24, 2009
When you can't be bothered to put your clothes away... get them from the floordrobe
"I can't find anything in my floordrobe"
by Nixilix November 14, 2008
A good excuse for those of us who are either in a rush with everything, teenaged or just to lazy to fold clothes neatly, iron or hang up shirts. Instead you just throw it on the floor.
Moody old mother: hang your shirts up!!
Teen: naaa don't need to their all ready on my floordrobe
by 96DJROCKER February 01, 2011
where all yourclothes which should be in you wardrobe are on your floor
floordrobe:when you have no clothes in your wardrobe they are on the floor instead
by Wobbl3chin October 28, 2008
(Noun) the lack of use of wardrobe, instead using the floor
My dad says i should use the wardrobe to store clothes, NOT the floordrobe
by BoredAndBrainless June 22, 2008
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